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Air Driven Proportioners

Classic PMCA Air Driven Proportioner

  • Air Driven Proportioner
  • Opposed Piston Metering Pumps
  • New Pump Base Design
  • Digital Automatic Temperature control for superior control of material processing
  • Open Frame Design
  • Point to Point Wiring
  • Heater Options, Pressure Ranges and Ratio options to process most Foam and Coatings
  • Automatic ISO Lube System
  • Hose Heat Tap Setting 




MODEL PMCA-20 1600 PMCA-20 2400
Output 20 lbs/min  1.2 gal/min 
Max. Working Pressure  1600 PSI  2400 PSI 
Max. Hose Length    310 ft   310 ft  
Heater Wattage   7,500 watts (Total)  7,500 watts (Total) 
Hose Heating Power  90 Volts  90 Volts 
Maximum Fluid Temperature  190 Degrees F  190 Degrees F 
Weight   250 lbs  250 lbs 
Electrical  45 amps @ 1x230V  45 amps @ 1x230V 
Air Consumption @ 100 PSI  26 scfm  26 scfm 











Standard Features:


The PMCA “Classic” Series Air Driven  Propertioner is “Designed with the Customer in Mind” to provide applicator friendly and serviceability at an economical price to meet today’s market place demands.

Air Driven Proportioner: Double ended piston air driven motor.

Opposed Piston Metering Pumps: The horizontal configuration of these in-line metering pumps helps to eliminate uneven loading during the pumping cycle. Provides minimal fluctuations in spray pressures.

New Pump Base: The Newly Designed Pump Bases ensure pressure stability throughout the cycle and provide user friendly access for preventive maintenance.

Digital Automatic Temperature Control: Digital controllers allow the operator to precisely program the set temperature to suit the chemical system being used. Used in concert with the Newly Designed PMC Temperature Sensing Unit (TSU), the Classic Series will provide accurate and consistent Hose Heat to insure the most effective yield for your product under varying conditions.

Open Frame Design: Allows the operator full view and easy access to all the critical components of the proportioner.

Relay Logic Control: Point to point wiring in series with relays and circuit breakers minimize the use of printed circuit boards in all control functions.

Heaters: The PMCA Series is available with one mass aluminum heater per unit for consistent heating.

Ratio: Standard Classic units are sold with a 1:1 Ratio.

ISO Lube System: Standard on all GH series units to help flush the ISO pump shaft resulting in longer seal life.

Heater Tap Settings: Standard terminal block tap settings for your particular hose length.


Optional Equipment:

  • PMC Spray and Pour Guns
  • Material Transfer Pumps for 55 and 30 Gallon Drums
  • Heater Hoses
  • Recirculation Blocks
  • Ratio Testing Tool
  • Replaceable TSU Probe


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